Man Cave Basement Essentials

The man cave basement has become the most searched for topic on the net lately. That is probably because a basement man cave gives you a place to retreat after a long day. The kind of a place where even your man cave bathroom can sport a urinal if you want.

Man Cave Basement Pool Game

So let’s cover a list of must have items or at least should have in your new man cave basement.

1. Big Screen TV LCD, Plasma, or Projection

2. Big Relaxing Seating

3. Killer Sound System

4. Adjustable Lighting

5. Bar Area

6. Gaming Tables

7. Man Cave Bathroom

8. Secure Storage Area

Big Screen TV is the first thing on our man cave basement list. Let’s face it, no matter what you like to watch it’s always best on the biggest screen set available. So what sizes are available? If you are shopping for an LCD TV then you can expect to start around a 32 inch model, they come smaller but why bother. A 32 inch LCD TV will typically measure about 3 inch deep by 32 inch wide by 20 inch tall and would weigh about 18 pounds. Compare that with the big boys, a 55 inch unit will average 12 inch deep by 51 inch wide and 33 inch tall and weigh around 72 pounds.

In Plasma TV you find 42 inch models around 11 inch by 41 inch by 27 inch weighing in at 48 pounds up to 58 inch units at 13 inch by 55 inch by 36 inch weighing 63 pounds. So most Plasma sets are lighter weight than LCD. Click Here to read more size and weight specs on different brands and models of LCD and Plasma TV’s.

Projection TV involves a combination of a projector and viewing surface. Projection give the most flexibility when it comes to things like room size, viewing angle, and area. For more Projector Options or to read a great Mini Projector Review if your space is limited.

Big Relaxing Seating should be a part of every man cave basement. Here I’m talking about your private man space. Look for furnature that is both comfortable and durable. Fathead features furniture for fans - get your favorite team themed recliner and relax in style today! You gotta check out Fathead if your gonna make a real man cave basement.

Killer Sound System, who would build a basement man cave without a killer sound system. You will want to create your sound system around the TV or Home Theater area, but don’t forget sound in areas like your bar and gaming areas so everyone can stay in the action. Look for your Killer Sound System here or for more creating a killer system on a budget read more on Smarthome Sound Systems to help you set up your Killer Sound System on a budget.

If you are looking to give your existing sound system a BOOST then read this article for many options.

Adjustable Lighting, how cool would it be to push a button on your man cave remote or smart phone and dim the lights for a movie or brighten the lights for a game of pool. First thing to consider is placement of your lighting and what areas could benefit from being able to control brightness. It’s pretty easy to place can lights all around your ceiling to light different areas and control each area separately so you can set up remote controlling.

This is a simple and cheap way to impress your buddy’s when they stop over for the big game. In fact now you can control these lights from your smart Phone. Read more about this Multi Room Control Kit and learn how easy it is to control lights in your man cave basement remotely.

Basement Man Cave

The Bar Area, has to be one of the most popular areas of any man cave basement. After all who hasn’t heard the question “Where’s the beer”? Today it’s easy to design your basement man cave to include items like a Kegerator or Wine Refrigerator. So what will your bar area include? Do you need some help on Bar Area Design, this is a great article to really get you thinking.

Maybe you are thinking about a Free Standing Bar so you can set it and forget it. I recommend checking these out have if you have limited space available. Did you know how easy it is to find bar mirrors and bar stools with your favorite Logo’s or brands.

Gaming Tables should be a part of every man cave basement. Whether you are thinking about the latest in 8' pool table options, or maybe something a little smaller. Remember that every basement man cave needs a gaming table.

If your space is limited why not check out a 3 in 1 Rotating Game Table so you and your buddies can enjoy Pool, Air Hockey, & Foosball in just a 4’ by 3’ area. They even offer a 7 in 1 option that adds ping-pong, chess, checkers and backgammon to the other choices. All for less than $500 bucks, how cool would that be?

Don’t forget Dart Boards or other wall decorating ideas when laying out your gaming tables area.

The Man Cave Bathroom is your place to have a guys john in your house. You’d be surprised how many guys ask me to design a man cave bathroom into their new home or basement remodel. The most common request is to include a Urinal in their man cave bathroom, how cool would that be.

The urinal idea requires a high volume water source so be sure and check out your plumbing options and local codes before going after this idea.

A Secure Storage Area can include anything from a Hand Gun Vault to a Large Gun Safe. These safes offer a safe and secure way to store your valuable collection. Many can be concealed in a closet or built right into a wall during your project.

You will find many of these units also offer fireproof storage of any type valuables so should be considered when planning your new man cave basement.

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