Roxul Rockwool Insulation

Roxul Rockwool Insulation has become my favorite product for loose fit batt insulation. When compared to fiberglass batt insulation, Roxul Rockwool insulation will increase your insulation value per inch of thickness by up to 20%.

But a couple of other very important features are that Roxul rockwool insulation is not affected by water. Since it does not store or transfer any moisture you will find it to be very resistant to mold, mildew, bacterial growth and rot. This makes it the perfect choice for basement remodels where moisture is always a concern. Roxul is also fire resistant to the point it will not burn and melts at a much higher temperature than fiberglass.

Energy savings begin with a properly insulated attic and exterior walls. But there are other applications that can make a big difference in your home’s comfort. Insulating the exposed concrete walls in your basement and heated crawl spaces are effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Roxul insulation is easy to cut and install. Its unique stone wool composition, density, and friction-fit batts help you or your contractor prevent any gaps that can result in energy loss.

A critical step when installing thermal insulation is the proper use of vapor barriers/retarders. Many building experts and professional contractors recommend polyethylene as the best choice. You should always consult your local building codes when you’re doing the work yourself.

Roxul Safe’n’Sound

Everbody is looking for a quiet home. With Roxul Safe’n’Sound that is exactly what you’ll find. This innovative insulation is specially designed for installation inside your home’s interior walls, ceilings and floors to reduce the transfer of noise from one room to another. It’s an excellent acoustic barrier that effectively absorbs sound. That’s why Roxul Safe’n’Sound is often the choice of professional recording studios.

It’s Not Thermal Insulation

Roxul Safe’n’Sound is designed specifically for one purpose – soundproofing. It is not intended for thermal applications like insulating exterior walls or attics. Why? The higher density that makes it an excellent sound barrier actually compromises its ability to prevent heat loss. So if you’re objective is energy savings, choose Roxul ComfortBatt®. For a quiet home, Roxul Safe’n’Sound is the right choice.

Invaluable Fire Protection

Roxul Safe’n’Sound is fire-resistant, so installing it in interior walls, and ceilings and floors between rooms will help you create a safer home. Roxul Safe’n’Sound is made from stone, so it doesn’t burn. In fact, it can withstand temperatures hundreds of degrees higher than conventional insulations. Nor will it create smoke or release toxic gases. In the event of a house fire, Roxul Safe’n’Sound helps slow the spread, and can provide you and your family with precious extra minutes for a safe escape.

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Where To Buy Roxul In Your Area

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